Goodbye Big Box Store

Recently, a friend posted these prices as FACTS:

A gallon of milk in 2019: $2.58
A gallon of milk in 2022: $4.28

A cup of coffee in 2019: $2.99
A cup of coffee in 2022: $4.90

Average per night hotel stay in South Florida in 2019: $157
Average per night hotel stay in South Florida in 2022: $324

And the list goes on and on.

Seems as if there are a lot of different figures, but the point is: prices are raising and families are feeling it.  This has caused people to make some really tough decisions and companies, too – forcing them to sacrifice ingredients just to maintain their bottom line.

Meanwhile – the shop club I found 31 years ago (and still encourage people to try) continues to maintain product integrity, superior quality, pro-USA made, combating inflation with minimal price increases. In fact for some products still had the late 80s early 90s prices.  Just a non greedy mindset.

Where you shop matters! Where your dollars go matters!

I’m big on supporting values that I can get behind –  including American made, Patriot owned, better quality and cleaner essentials for the family.

Consider the reasons why here:

Choices Matter!

Do You Know What’s In Your Shampoo?

This fall many dry shampoos were recalled due to an ingredient that can cause cancer—benzene. (FDA/Screenshot by CNET) Last year many other personal care products were recalled due to having benzene in the ingredients – sunscreen sprays, deodorants, hand sanitizer, and many other personal care products had benzene listed as an ingredient.

Dependable researcher, Richard Barry, in a recent newsletter (here) wrote:
“As a reminder, according to OSHA, benzene is used in the manufacturing of many types of plastics, detergents, and pesticides. Exposure to benzene can cause blood cancers like leukemia and other health concerns. On the CDC website benzene lists not only how exposure can harm the individual, but also lists workers at risk and products made with benzene, such as those that work in factories, the printing industry, and fire fighters.”

Isn’t it time to switch brands?

The major study done in 2018 would agree (The Lung Study).  It is no longer about avoiding sudden poisonings; it is the slow exposure of thousands of chemicals over time that are weakening immune systems and causing other slow accumulating damage.

Switching stores is easy in 2022.  We are already shopping a lot more online.  Already wishing we didn’t have to go to Walmart. Already wishing we could save some money on everyday purchases.  Let me share what I found here: The Benefits of Switching Stores.

Choices Matter!

Immune Support That Works

“As the world gets smaller, contact from person to person becomes more frequent and germs grow more prevalent, what are we to do to protect our health? The answer is often much closer than we may think, for operating inside each one of us is a very powerful and effective defense called the ‘immune system’…

Activating or boosting your immune system isn’t just taking one supplement or doing one thing for your body. Your immune system is just that—a system—thus it requires several factors to function properly and be at its peak to give you a healthy lifestyle.

You do not have to be at the mercy of cold and flu viruses. Practice ‘defensive healthy living.’

– Wash hands thoroughly,
– Avoid touching your face, eyes, and nose,
– Sanitize frequently touched surfaces,
– Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables,
– Take your vitamins and supplements, and
– Practice daily stress reduction along with a bit of exercise.”

~ Richard M Barry

Richard has added a chapter entitled “You Can Activate Your Immune System” in his ever poplular book:  The Melaleuca Wellness Guide featuring over 200 health solutions, over 150 cleaning solutions, and over 85 remedies for dogs and cats using safer-for-you products that are better working and money saving!

Would you like this free Owner’s Manual for more helpful guidelines?


Choices Matter!

Pain Pain Go Away

“Pain, pain go away. Don’t come back another day. We all feel like this as not a day goes by that something happens and we, or a family member, experience pain. A stubbed toe, a small paper-cut, muscle aches, migraine headache, and on and on. When pain does happen it’s nice to know you have an arsenal to combat the pain that is safe for every member of your family.” Those words are from a dependable source in my circle that keeps me in tune with natural ways to deal with distractions in our life –

Richard Barry goes on to talk about: Headaches, Muscular Aches, Toothaches, Pain in General. Then he leads us to ideas that have testimonies to verify their consideration when you have pain on some area.

The entire Newsletter can be found HERE:

Testimonies of natural ideas:

My mom first became a customer just to “help me out”. One of the first items I wanted her to try was Pain-A-Trate for her arthritis. She was not impressed. I was disappointed to hear she didn’t like it. But then two weeks later, she sent me an email and asked if it could be ordered by the case!! I asked her what the change was and she said she realized it was simply penetrating deeper and relieving her pain better than Ben Gay or Icy Hot or Biofreeze ever had. Now she won’t ever go anywhere without her Pain-a-Trate!

~ Kara

I am 74 years young and had a fall last summer with an injury to my shoulder. I used the Pain-A-Trate with great results! I also have occasional problems with restless-leg-syndrome. Whenever I can’t go to sleep I rub the Pain-A-Trate on the shin bone and the muscles surrounding it and directly go to sleep. I make use of a lot of this great product because it works for so many aches and pains. I also share it with my friends. Thank you Melaleuca for such wonderful safe products.

~ Barbara

After not taking care of myself in my active younger years, I suffer from intense joint pain daily. By the way, I’m only 30! When I discovered Pain-A-Trate, I thought I had found the holy grail of pain care. This helped my pain within mere minutes and I was able to get through a work shift without crying. THEN, I found Replenex. Within 24 hours of my first time taking it, my joint pain completely went away. For the first time in almost a year, I could put pressure on my knee. I cried!! I still tear up when I tell people this story. I won’t EVER be without my Replenex Extra Strength, and I am thrilled to be able to play with my kids without pain.

~ Addy

I am so delighted to be introduced to Melaleuca! I am always in the quest of finding natural and vital products for my family and myself. I was taught years ago that without a healthy body, mind and soul one cannot be as productive. A few years ago I was in a minor car accident which led to suffering pain in both my knees. Three years ago, my right knee gave me excruciating pain to the point where it was difficult to bend and I had to drag my foot. I went to the doctors, took all sorts of pain killers and muscle and joint lotions, but nothing worked! I was recently introduced to Melaleuca and my enroller gave me a sampler of Pain-A-Trate and wow did it do wonders! Instantly, it penetrated into my muscles and I can feel it in my joints. It’s just as its name states! My knee has less friction and I feel a vast difference! Currently, I am awaiting my delivery of Melaleuca products which are coming today. Thank God for this breakthrough! Melaleuca is truly enhancing the lives of others and changing them. I am glad to be associated with this company, although I wished I had discovered them before, “it’s better late than never!”

~ Ria

I have suffered from migraines since I was five years old. I’m now 62. For many years when I started to get that nauseous feeling, dizziness, pain and sensitivity to light, I withdrew from the world for usually three or more days and just suffered through it. Nothing helped – medicine, herbal remedies and not suggestions from well-meaning friends or family, nothing. Just after I signed up with Melaleuca I was introduced to a product called Pain-A-Trate, I learned that it could help with headaches. I didn’t believe it. How could a product designed to help ease muscle pain help my terrible migraines? It has a really strong smell too. Would that make the migraine worse? I just wasn’t sure but I was desperate so I tried it. I rubbed the cream across my forehead and across the back of my neck under my hair and for good measure down the sides of my face to my ears and went to bed. Within 24 hours, my migraine was gone! It was a miracle! I’ve learned how important it is to put the Pain-A-Trate on as soon as symptoms start. Now my migraines may last only a few hours if they even get started. I also make very sure that I have a tube in my car, at work, and in the tote I usually carry. I don’t ever want to be caught without it. P.S. It works really well for muscle pain too.

~ Darbra

My pain management issues are complex. I have a very rare genetic immune deficiency that causes systemic chronic pain. I also have to have infusions of human antibodies every three weeks that give me severe headaches and body aches. These are the side effects of the proteins in the solution. I choose not to take narcotics because of their addictive potential and side effects, so I rely on Melaleuca products for pain control. I also had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago and cannot use any NSAID (anti-inflammatory) pain relievers either. I use Pain-A-Trate and Melaleuca acetaminophen pain reliever and get awesome results. I love the fact that I can depend on Melaleuca to control my pain issues without having to be concerned with grogginess or dependence on narcotics. I am so grateful to have found Melaleuca as an alternative to prescription pain relievers to control my chronic pain.

~ Vivian

A few months ago my shoulder hurt so bad that I couldn’t lift my arm to put dishes away after washing them, and it was uncomfortable trying to sleep. It was painful. Finally I (stupidly) went to my doctor, got an expensive prescription, then, before using it, decided to rub on some Pain-A-Trate! Well, it’s all better. I can’t tell which shoulder it was, and they are both free and limber!! So, thank you Melaleuca for all the exceptional products. And thank you, RM Barry, for all you do to help us in using these products. (No guarantee with the pharmacy stuff, so I’m stuck with the unopened tube.)

~ Marie

I just recently completed 2 years of chemo, and one of the side effects is neuropathy in the hands and feet. At night I would apply Pain-A-Trate to my feet, legs, and hands to take the pain away so I could sleep. With the Vitality Pack and the Provex Plus I did very well through a bad time. I also took the Replenex which I have taken for years for arthritis. Thank you Melaleuca for these great products to help me through this time.

~ Shirley

Several years ago I had a torn rotator cuff that left me with little use of my arm, and I was in so much pain I was pacing the floor. It was a Saturday night and I was home alone. Before I went to bed I rubbed down with PAIN-A-TRATE (soothes and helps relieve pain), took about 300mg of PROVEX (reduces inflammation), 6-9 REPLENEX (helps reduce inflammation), and the next day I was able to lift my arm shoulder high. I could barely lift it away from my side the night before. I saw a doctor the next Monday and was advised I would probably have to have surgery to repair the tear, but was sent to physical therapy to prepare me for the surgery and healing after. I used the ACCESS BAR prior to the therapy to help with working the muscles and reduce the lactic acid, and the PROFLEX 20 after therapy to help repair and build muscle. After 12 therapy sessions I had about 85-90% of my range of motion back, and was able to avoid surgery. I have also used a “powerhouse” dosage of Provex-Plus to help with sprained ankles and pulled muscles in the back. Taking 6-8 Provex-Plus at one time helps to attack the inflammation quickly.

~ Janet

I have chronic pain in my fingers and wrists, due to injury-induced arthritis, so I am never separated from my Pain-A-Trate! I carry the 1 oz. size in my purse, and have the large size in my medicine cabinet. The pain relief is instant and long lasting. It also works extremely well when rubbed on my temples during a headache. To me, Pain-a-Trate is a miracle!

~ Melly

Choices Matter!

One year later: A Cure for Covid?

Recently a friend was telling of how she was using ivermectin for protection from the COVID-19 virus – based on the advice of her neighbor/doctor friend.  The next day I received the article below in a newsletter from Richard Barry, an honest publisher in the health and wellness industry that I have followed for over 20 years. (That ole reticular activation that I love!) His information is worth adding to your knowledge base!

Richard writes:

“Back in January I told you about a group of doctors on a mission to save lives by finding the most promising prevention and treatment strategies for COVID-19. Here is a brief introduction:

The FLCCC Alliance was organized in March, 2020 by a group of highly published, world renowned Critical Care physician/scholars – with the academic support of allied physicians from around the world – to research and develop lifesaving protocols for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in all stages of illness. Their MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol – introduced in March, 2020, has saved tens of thousands of patients who were critically ill with COVID-19. Now, the FLCCC’s new I-Mask+ Prophylaxis and Early At-Home Outpatient Treatment Protocol with ivermectin has been released – and is a potential solution to the global pandemic.

The latest news is that there is increasing and rapidly emerging evidence supporting the drug ivermectin’s efficacy in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19. Authors from reputable institutions like the University of Texas Health Science Center and the Eastern Virginia Medical School have analyzed existing studies and have found ivermectin is …

98% effective in pre-exposure prophylaxis,

91% effective in early treatment,

87% effective in post-exposure prophylaxis, and

60% effective in late treatment.

These are staggering numbers, but FLCCC has found that these numbers improve when supplements like vitamin D and C, zinc, quercitin, and melatonin are added to the protocol.

Here is their website which is full of up-to-date, exciting information:

I think the best way to learn about this group is to watch a few short videos they have posted on their website (see videos here). After watching these videos, I can imagine many of you asking, “So where do I get ivermectin?” The answer is to first ask your doctor. Some doctors will not prescribe ivermectin yet. Our family doctor won’t prescribe it for prevention, only for treatment purposes. However, the FLCCC website has a list of “telemedicine” doctors who prescribe ivermectin. Go to the I-MASK FAQ page here and look for the question, “My Primary care physician (PCP) will not prescribe ivermectin. Where can I get a script?”

Richard’s full newsletter can be found here: Newsletter 415: Cure for COVID?

Choices Matter!

The 3Rs of Plastic Recycling Needs to Add a Fourth R

A sad change is upon us.

27 years ago when I started shopping with a wellness manufacturer, one of the big pluses for me was that I was getting less expensive, concentrated non-toxic products in recyclable (not the norm then) containers. This helped me to conveniently do my part in taking care of this God created gift of Earth by not contributing to adding toxins to the waterways or plastic in the landfills.

Seeing this sad message, on my county’s waste management site last week, helped me remember what my online store said recently:

“For years, many have faithfully practiced the three Rs of reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic. But for many reasons, these are becoming more difficult to do. For example, there is less and less demand for recyclable materials…(that is the problem with my county’s change). It’s time for manufacturers to step up and take this burden off the consumer.”

And that is what they are doing. Not only are they leading the way in product concentration, but they are also now taking responsibility for a fourth R – redesign, believing that product redesign is the only viable path to significantly reducing plastic.

My laundry products were recently redesigned to be 9x’s concentrated (versus the previous six and the previous four). That saves an additional 50% on virgin plastic.

And that little light bottle helps me use less plastic, less fuel, and reduce emissions.

I encourage you to shop for the same.

Choices Matter!

The Shocking Truth About Poisons in Your Home

Education is power, understanding the problem is half the battle.

Watch this quick video above to learn what you’re up against. If it is parallel to your mission, let’s connect so I can share a solution that is both logical and economical.

Choices Matter!

National Brand Cleaning Products Are Harming You!

It has been one year since this profound study using 6200 people over a 20 year period was introduced.

What changes have you been motivated to make?

If you would like to read the Seven Findings of this study, contact me and I will send them to you.

Choices Matter!

Mrs. Meyers – A Safer Choice?

A FB message from one of my company associates:

“Alright friends, I’ve got to put this out there. 🤭

I can not handle another celeb endorsed ad on my feed referring to Ms. Meyers products on Grove Collaborative as “all natural.” 🤦🏼‍♀️

Brands like Ms. Meyers use chemicals such as methylisothiazolinone, named allergen of the year a few years back, and linked to all kinds of skin issues. 🤯

I recently saw a study done by the organic consumers association on major store brand cleaners. Want to know which product tested at the highest level for the CARCINOGEN 1,4-dioxane???

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap had the highest levels of the carcinogen at an alarming 204 ppm (parts per million), ten times higher than any other product. Right up there with Dial and Palmolive‼️

YES, the same Mrs. Meyers you thought was SO safe for your family.
Hey! I did too. “Who cares that it’s more expensive than Palmolive or Dawn, because it’s SAFE”

So what is 1,4-dioxane?
It’s a petrochemical “known to the State of California to cause cancer”. Due to its toxicity, many consumers would not expect to find it in “natural” or “organic” branded products. The contaminant 1,4-dioxane is a byproduct of the ethoxylation process, which is a cheap shortcut companies use to provide mildness to harsh cleaning ingredients. 1,4-dioxane is also a
⚠️suspected kidney toxicant
⚠️respiratory toxicant
⚠️AND it’s a significant groundwater contaminant.

But wait! There’s light at the end of this dark, cold, cancer causing, dishonest, never-trust-the-name-brand-bought out by Clorox-mess…..

I found a store that’s never had a lawsuit in 34 years of business, and uses no toxic cancer causing Ingredients. The best part? My everyday cleaning spray is 97 CENTS a bottle. I’ll never stop bragging about them. 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️“

Choices Matter!


The Dangers Of Chlorine Bleach

If your household is one of the plethoras of homes that use chlorine bleach as a disinfectant and cleaning agent, you may want to read this article and rethink your choices. Chlorine bleach is downright dangerous, especially to children.

The creation of chlorine bleach is actually caused by an electric shock and simply reading the disclosures on the bottle is shocking, too. Any products (including the bleach itself) that contain bleach can produce toxic effects. Ammonia mixes with bleach to create a “deadly” gas. In your toilet bowl bleach can mix with urine and have the same effect (remember urine contains ammonia). In the confinement of your toilet, those fumes can concentrate and cause you, and your family, harm.

You can have access to an entire suite of cleaning and disinfecting products that are chlorine bleach free and actually do a better job than what you are currently using. Among them is even a toilet bowl cleaner (no childproof cap needed) that will leave the bowl clean, fresh and remove the risk. The next time you reach for that chlorine bleach bottle, reach for the phone instead to ask me how you can have these safer (and affordable) alternatives delivered to your door.

Choices Matter!