Do we really need to take a multivitamin-mineral supplement?

New Research confirms: Everyone Should Take a Multivitamin-Mineral

Two-thirds of U.S. adults do not take a multivitamin-mineral.  Why not?  Many simply don’t think multivitamin minerals work well enough to make a difference.  But new research suggests that multivitamin-minerals are highly effective-and can have an impact on our ongoing health and well-being.

– What does the new research tell us about the effectiveness of multivitamin-minerals?
– Don’t I get enough nutrition from the food I eat?
 – Can getting optimal nutrition have an impact on my health care costs?

For the complete article that answers these questions in detail with documentation:

Choices matter!

Omega-3 Fats Raise Prostrate Cancer

This is appeared soon after I shared the benefits of supplementing your diet with    Omega-3 supplements.  As in many such scares, there are flaws in the study.

At you will find:

Absurd Study Claims Omega-3 Fats Raise Prostate Cancer Risk         

At Monte Kline’s Pacific Health Center site you will find:

Bogus Fish Oil Prostate Cancer Study

It will be easy to find other sites showing the flaws in the study should you need to do more homework.  Do keep in mind – quality supplements are critical.  Steam distilled and purified Omega-3’s are not inexpensive, so that should help you pass up a bargain that is not going to do what you are hoping for it to do. Shop with a company you trust.

Choices matter!