Do You Know What’s In Your Shampoo?

December 26, 2022 by joy

This fall many dry shampoos were recalled due to an ingredient that can cause cancer—benzene. (FDA/Screenshot by CNET) Last year many other personal care products were recalled due to having benzene in the ingredients – sunscreen sprays, deodorants, hand sanitizer, and many other personal care products had benzene listed as an ingredient.

Dependable researcher, Richard Barry, in a recent newsletter (here) wrote:
“As a reminder, according to OSHA, benzene is used in the manufacturing of many types of plastics, detergents, and pesticides. Exposure to benzene can cause blood cancers like leukemia and other health concerns. On the CDC website benzene lists not only how exposure can harm the individual, but also lists workers at risk and products made with benzene, such as those that work in factories, the printing industry, and fire fighters.”

Isn’t it time to switch brands?

The major study done in 2018 would agree (The Lung Study).  It is no longer about avoiding sudden poisonings; it is the slow exposure of thousands of chemicals over time that are weakening immune systems and causing other slow accumulating damage.

Switching stores is easy in 2022.  We are already shopping a lot more online.  Already wishing we didn’t have to go to Walmart. Already wishing we could save some money on everyday purchases.  Let me share what I found here: The Benefits of Switching Stores.

Choices Matter!

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