Vitamins That Work

My children are grown and married now, and I was using vitamins back when they were all in grade school. I’ve tried a variety of trusted manufacturers over the years before I was able to decide for myself which brand to ultimately trust long term for my family.

So what separates one vitamin from another? Many things do, but the largest problem vitamin companies face is manufacturing a vitamin that the human body will properly absorb and actually use. For example, when my second born was in middle school I had him at the doctor for an x-ray. While reviewing the x-ray I noticed small dots in my son’s intestines.  Upon questioning the doctor, he said the dots were vitamins in my son’s lower intestines that hadn’t dissolved.

“The doctor told me the dots were vitamins in my son’s lower intestines that hadn’t dissolved…”

Hadn’t dissolved? Are you kidding me? What was a I paying for if the supplements weren’t even breaking down?

Not long after that a friend introduced me to yet another vitamin manufacturer based out of Utah. I’m not close minded, so decided to give them a shot. The results were so good, I was instantly suspicious. You see, for years I had to take an afternoon nap to just survive the day as a Mom — this was an every day event. Once I began taking the new vitamins, that all changed.

The change was so significant, I assumed the company had put caffeine or some other stimulant in their vitamins, so I questioned them about what made the difference. They explained they had a patented process that wraps minerals much like plants do when they pull them from the soil which causes higher absorbency and solubility.  Testing showed this to be true over 250 major brands that were analyzed for comparison.

More nutrition without mega doses, more energy, less illness and my daughter-in-law’s nails grew stronger than they had ever been in her life.  All for $20 a month.

If you’re on the hunt for something that will make a difference in your health, watch the video up on the right to learn about the company that is responsible for these healthy vitamins that actually work!


Vitamins that work

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