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Twenty-six years ago. when a friend learned I had a dry skin and low energy problem, she suggested products from a wellness catalog which she thought would help. I considered myself very familiar with natural products and companies, however trusting my friend’s motives, I listened to her.

She was right! The products I used took care of those two physical problems in a short amount of time – and since the products worked unlike anything else I had ever tried, it only made sense to sample other products from the company. Maybe their healthy choices were actually worth considering? I wasn’t let down. My eyes were opened to a wellness company unlike any I had ever used before.

Soon I realized that by switching stores, I would be using products that outperform anything on the store shelf. Plus, they were less expensive per use than name brand products, saved me a ton of time due to online ordering, and are much healthier because of the manufacturer’s commitment to not using harsh, toxic chemicals found in popular name brands.

And when I find something good – I love to share it. Healthy choices are important!

The next impressive awakening was finding that sharing this catalog with other people meant I would share in the profits of all the products that my referrals purchased! I didn’t have to sell products, bug people to order, deliver products, collect money, and keep complicated paper work in order to collect my monthly profit sharing check. I only had to talk about something I knew would benefit the person I was telling.

The nice monthly check I am receiving for finding more shoppers has been a financial blessing to my family. Now I’m on a mission to help other families. Help them have healthier homes…save money…save time. Introduce them to an opportunity to make money if they are looking for that.

– Joy Boudreau
I wish above all things that you prosper and are in health. III John 2

About Joy Boudreau

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