A Better Way

You’re interested in healthier living or you wouldn’t be on this page. That’s great! Here you’ll find starter information divided into three simple sections:

  • A Dangerous Word.
  • Food & Vitamins.
  • Cleaning Products

This info will get you going in the right direction. And if you have questions about anything, contact me. That’s why I’m here!

Should: A Dangerous Word

When used to state the obvious or jump start a conversation, the word should is perfect. For example: “people should not stand up and scream in board meetings”, or, “Maybe we should have a baby…” are both excellent uses of the word.

But make no mistake – the minute you use “should” in the first person without reconciling with decisive action, you will join the millions of Americans who daily know what they should do and don’t do it. Knowledge can deal a false satisfaction of accomplishment, causing action to be postponed indefinitely. Think about it – how many things have you learned about, thought you should do it, and then rested comfortably in that status?

It is go time – your health and your family’s health depend on it. The information here will get you started. Make what I have learned over the years a catalyst for you – not an excuse. Ready?

A Better Way

Topic #1 – Food and Vitamins

Let’s cut to the chase: do we really need vitamins? Why should a healthy diet require vitamins? That’s not natural is it? Yes and no.

In my early days of motherhood, one of my children had a temporary liver problem requiring radical changes in our diet. Captain Crunch™ was replaced with Nutra Grain™, white bread with wheat, sweetened peanut butter with all natural non-sweetened, sugar with honey. Food preparation became a bit more difficult, and my kids were not always hip on losing the ability to indulge in whenever they wanted. We were eating much healthier right? But things could not stop with the healthy diet. Here’s why:

Organic Food

A problem with mass produce from grocery stores is that more often than not, things are not organic. Fields with nutrient depleted soil, pesticides, hormones, chemicals – all of these result in a carrot not containing exactly what a carrot was meant to contain. Eggs just not as healthy as eggs were meant to be.
Though obtaining organic produce is much easier now, keeping that up all the time for every meal? No, the logical choice for my family was vitamins. But I had much to learn…

One day with a family physician reviewing an X-ray of one of my children, he pointed out a small shape on the X-ray and explained it was an undesolved vitamin in my son’s intestinal tract. A what? Are you kidding me? That vitamin clearly wasn’t doing anything. It might as well have been a rock.

That taught me a lesson, and I could go on and on about vitamins and differences from major manufacturers that I personally have trusted and used. However, that takes too long and no one wants to read all of that. The simple truth you should know is this: Even the best vitamins struggle with one thing – low absorption rates. That’s the killing blow. The extreme case is of course vitamins showing up on X-rays. However even beyond such, low absorption rates simply mean your body is not absorbing and metabolizing the nutrients, thus not benefiting as intended. No conspiracy theories…it is just difficult to do with a pill.

Some time after this experience, a friend introduced me to yet another manufacturer of vitamins. She and her husband were working for the company. Here we go right? A new get rich quick company has taken over another one of my friends. But I did the thing that friends do and tried their products.

The difference floored me.

By this point I had been studying up on healthy living for a few years. Sort of thought I’d seen the best. However every day of my life as a mother of three, I literally had to take a nap in the afternoon to have enough energy to finish out the day without committing murder. Once I started on the vitamins from this new company, no more naps. No more naps. This couldn’t be real.

The difference was so clear my suspicion was raised. I called the company to expose them. After all, I’d been living healthy for years and never seen this in a vitamin. They were doing something shady – some type of caffine or energy boost to promote success – whatever. Time to bust them.

The phone call proved I was right, something was up. Just not what I expected.

This new company had designed and patented a natural way to get the human body to happily absorb their vitamins and minerals, thus defying the failures of their competitors. And the results were so consistent, they were actually offering anyone a complete money back promise that the vitamins would change the way they felt within three months.

I was sold.

That was almost 31 years ago, and I’m so grateful that for 30 years my children, my parents and my husband and I have experienced the benefit of one company’s dedication to healthy living.

So believe in the need for healthy eating and vitamins. The example above is just one of my own personal testimonies. Your body will wait a long time to let you know things aren’t right. But often that is too long to wait. I’m just glad that I had an X-ray machine and a friend show me a better alternative. A better way.

Topic #2 – Healthy Cleaning

You’ve heard it from me already, and probably heard it from others: chemicals and air bound toxins in modern homes and buildings are a health risk. Even the EPA has ranked it as one of their top concerns. Talk to any heating and air conditioning dealer in your area, and they’ll also talk about toxins in your home – Indoor Air Quality is quite the buzz word in the HVAC world.

So if such a big deal, why are people not falling over dead and such? If it doesn’t cause any noticable problems, who cares right? It does cause problems. But this type of poisoning can be like smoking or anything else…it takes awhile for the body to cave. But when it does…it’s simply too late. As mentioned on my Toxin Free page, Ecologist Sandra Steingraber, in her book entitled “Living Downstream”, states that the majority of chemicals in use today have not been tested for carcinogenic (cancer causing) agents.

The situation was clear and the choice for my family was simple – they were not going to be the lab rats for grocery store labeled cleaning products. Whether through the air, absorption through the skin, accidential ingestion – forget it.

If you are concerned about having a healthy home, you can start reducing the risk of toxic poisoning in your home today by switching from harsh cleaning chemicals and personal care products to healthier options.

Healthy Option One:

Traditional methods exist for replacing toxins in your home. For example, you can use soap (not detergent), baking soda, borax, lemon juice/vinegar and other items to replace toxic cleaning products. This covers a myriad of household cleaning tasks ranging from the bathroom to the kitchen. However not for me – too cumbersome and time consuming for my busy schedule! Plus, I just don’t think any of those would have hammered through the soap buildup in the shower. Next?

Healthy Option Two:

The good news is that Americans overall are much more interested in a healthier environment and healthier living in the twenty first century than before. This has resulted in many quality cleaning and personal care product options that are much healther than typical brands. Many companies share the dedication to health and the environment and are providing safer alternatives. Some of these you can find at organic health related market places. Others you can order on-line and have them delivered to your home.

Option Results:

As with my experience with vitamins, the key is to find a company who isn’t out to just make a buck. Study up and locate a company whose products are not only healthy, but can compete in effectiveness with the harsher options. You want to be healthy, but you don’t want to spend an hour scrubbing stuff away that a shot of Clorox® would have done in two minutes. The balance does exist.

In my pursuit to raise the standard of living for my family, I tried a variety of products with typical results: some were good, some not so much! I eventually found one place that stood out above the rest. A company who over the years has repeatedly shown their dedication to quality products as opposed to making compromises to boost revenues. And their products worked as good or better than the store brands I used to use! So the results has been a bit of a no brainer for our family.

Since then my home has been a healthier place to live, and a surprising plus is that I have actually saved money compared to what I used to spend on normal store bought cleaners, detergents and personal care products!

Time For You To Act

It’s the new year of a change of life. No one is standing up with “I should” resolutions. Just as society is realizing the Earth is growing weary of mistreatment and is changing to more environment friendly solutions, you also need to change the health of your life and home before negative symptoms arise.

Get yourself and your family eating healthy, living healthy and experiencing the great results that are both immediate and long term. You will feel better – I promise.

It’s really that simple.

Use the information on my contact page if you have any questions about where to go from here. And if you would like a recommendation for a great company to use, I can fill you in on that as well. Since my life was changed with quality vitamins over 30 years ago, I’ve sent many on to the same path of better living!