The Dreaded 3-Letter Word

Ever since companies sprung up all over the map with pyramid type structures and compensation plans that encouraged people to pitch to all of their friends and relatives, multi-level marketing has been frowned upon by many. However, at the same time, real business people have seen the advantages and jumped on board.

So what’s an “MLM” really all about? Let me summarize:

For any company to be successful in selling a product, they must first manufacture something the public wants or needs, and then convince that same mass of people to purchase it from them. Take Apple computers for example. Apple manufactures phones, computers, tablets and software. They then hire thousands of salespeople around the world, and spend millions of dollars on marketing via commercials, bill boards, magazine ads, etc.

The above model is of course effective, and it’s done by companies big and small all over the nation. From cars to personal care products. The problem with this model is salesmen require cell phones, health insurance, 401k, company cars, expense accounts — the list is long. These costs drive up the price of products, or sometimes lower their quality. So what’s the alternative? A network marketing company commonly known as an MLM.

Multi-level marketing has been abused by some people, and has thus earned a shady reputation. But the model has led the way to a marketing revolution.

Multi-level marketing has been abused over the years – sometimes rightly so has thus earned a shady reputation. But the model has led  the way to a marketing revolution. Instead of using billions on marketing and employees, the “employees” of these network marketing companies are customers who simply refer others to the company.

When the products of a network marketing company represent true quality and fill a valid need, the model can be effective.

For 25 years I have shopped with a Consumer Direct Marketing© company born out of this marketing revolution with all the pros and non of the cons.  This company manufactures nutritional, personal care and household products that are healthy, safe, designed to protect our world and ships them directly to the customer. These products simply replace what I was already purchasing. So now I have a healthier home, I feel better, save money, and I make money simply by referring friends. Not bad.

Telling others that contact me has been a joy.

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