Indoor Air Quality

When another hot and humid summer hits, or when the air outside is freezing cold and your home is sealed tightly, you might be surprised to find out what takes place inside your home: indoor air pollution. “Not my home” you might be thinking. I know, because I thought it too! But the scary facts are in, and even the EPA is preaching about how indoor air can be much more polluted than the air outside. Heating and air conditioning manufacturers are creating pricey products to help deal with poor indoor air quality.

So what causes indoor pollution? Many things we have and/or use in our homes every day affect air quality. For example, household cleaners including air fresheners and even candles release what are called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. According to the EPA, VOCs can persist in the air, and can have short and long term health affects on your family. Molds, bacteria and other contaminants also become trapped inside.

“According to the EPA, VOCs can have short and long term health affects.”

So what’s the answer? First you need to do what you can to clean up the air your family breathes. One way I do this is by using natural household detergents, soaps and cleaners that are still affective, but non-toxic. I also don’t use air fresheners and other scented items that release toxins which are harmful for my family.

In fact, when I was first alerted to areas I needed to take action in to protect the health of my family, a friend told me about a place to order chemical free and natural alternatives online. I’ve been doing that now for over 20 years – from the same company! If you’re interested in healthy cleaning alternatives, visit my safe household cleaners page.

The health of your home is important, and my goal is to help open your eyes to the many ways you can improve this. The ways you can easily make your home a truly safe place for the ones you love.

Indoor air quality in your home

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