Top Twelve Cancer Prevention Strategies

WWW.MERCOLA.COM is always included in my homework when researching a health issue on the web.  Even if I do not agree with everything I read there, I can depend on learning the latest thoughts about an issue and see other sides of it, as well. The website is fair and a wonderful resource for learning about healthy topics.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Mercola posted My Top 12 Cancer Prevention Strategies.

Believing this is really wise advice for everyone, I wanted to share his list:

    1. Food Preparation:
    2. Carbohydrates and Sugar:
    3. Protein and Fat:
    4. GMOs:
    5. Animal-Based Omega-3 fats:
    6. Natural Probiotics:
    7. Exercise:
    8. Vitamin D:
    9. Sleep:
    10. Exposure to Toxins:
    11. Exposure to Radiation:
    12. Stress Management:

See Dr. Mercola’s comments on each of these (plus the whole cancer fighting issue) here.

And remember that Choices do matter!