“A clean home. Who needs it?”

That was the title of a blog post I recently read that blends well with the soap box I stay on: You need to chose safer cleaning (and personal care) products for your home.

The post talked about the new, independent study that concluded  cleaning your home as little as once a week with national brand cleaners was as dangerous for your lungs as smoking a pack a day for twenty years!

If adult lungs suffer when we breathe in the dangerous chemicals of national brand cleaning products, what about the developing lungs of children?

Yes, it’s just what you suspected: toxic chemicals are extremely dangerous for your children.

You can begin to learn what you need to know about how the name brand cleaners are affecting children’s lungs HERE.

Below is a picture of my oldest granddaughter holding my youngest grandchild while doing her chores.  This should not happen in a home that uses the national brand cleaners  on the store shelf according to a zillion studies, but now according to a well recognized,  honest 20 year old study following 6200 people for 20 years.  Makes me grateful this house is committed to safer home care and personal care products.

Choices matter!