The Truth About Dryer Sheets by Dr. Josh Axe

Dryer sheets are part of the laundry routine for millions of people. Most of us don’t think twice about tossing a sheet or two into the dryer — it’s just part of the clean clothes process. And while pulling a warm, fresh load of scented laundry out of the dryer may make you feel warm and fuzzy, there’s likely something not-so-good happening inside of your body.

What if I told you those dryer sheets are caked with ingredients you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. And those “blossoms and flowers” depicted on the dryer sheet box? Don’t buy it. Dryer sheets are really a toxic ripoff. That means you’re paying more for a product that could actually be making you sick.”

Dr. Axe’s Final Thoughts on Dryer Sheets

  • Dryer sheets are among the worst offenders for harboring chemicals linked to hormone disruption and asthma.
  • More than 12 percent of the U.S. population reported negative health symptoms associated with dryer vent emissions.
  • Many dryer sheets contain chemicals that react with the air to create formaldehyde, a probable human carcinogen.
  • Other common dryer sheet pollutants include acetaldehyde and benzene, things also found in vehicle exhaust that are not considered safe at any level.
  • To reduce your exposure to dryer sheet chemicals, you can reduce static cling naturally by adding a quarter cup of white vinegar to your washer’s rinse cycle. You can also use wool dryer balls or hang dry your clothing.

Read the entire educating article HERE.

You will find some safer alternatives in the article as well.  My safer alternative is buying from a company that makes toxin free dryer sheets or liquid softener with plant-based ingredients, no harsh chemicals…and they do not coat your fabrics… or your machine!  Much safer all the way around.

Choices Matter!