Dirty secrets…Could Tide cause cancer?

Do I hear a sigh?  Yeah – it gets tiring, doesn’t it?  Bad for you one day, okay another day.

But – it pays to just stay in touch.  I have been around the wellness industry for 35 years – my pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other; however, balance has arrived.

These are tough, tough bodies.  In my semi-educated opinion, we do not have to be purists, and every  healthy step we take pays off.  And the part I love is that every healthy step  we take pays off!  You don’t have to have your entire act together to benefit.  Healthy choices will help you to avoid many things that we have grown accustomed to thinking are just a part of old age.

So…here are a couple links to help you stay in touch:

From WREG Memphis – Channel 3:


And a Safety Guide from Organic Consumers Association and The Green Patriot Working Group: http://www.1-4dioxane.com/uploads/ShoppersSafetyGuide_Print2010a.pdf

Notice that some of the “healthier” brands are on the caution list? I don’t trust much.

35 years ago – my choices were only mlm company products or health food store shelf products.  They didn’t work very well and their prices were hard justify when compared to the national brand prices.  But – things have changed.  Now you can purchase safer-for-you-products for less money if you are willing to bypass the Walmart personal care and cleaning care aisles.

Choices matter!