This One Activity Will Slash Your Chance of a Cold by 50%…

A quote from Dr. Mercola:

…one study found that people who exercised regularly (five or more days a week) cut their risk of having a cold by close to 50 percent. Exercise likely cuts your risk of colds so significantly because it triggers a rise in immune system cells that can attack any potential invaders.

This is an addition to the previous post on ways to fight a cold.  The list in this article, to build your immune system includes:

  1. Optimize your vitamin D levels
  2. Avoid sugar and grains
  3. Get proper rest
  4. Effectively address emotional stressors
  5. Regular exercise

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35 years of reading and study makes me boldly say: this list will help prevent a lot of things – not just a cold.  Building your immune system is the key!

Hoping to enhance your life,