Is This Prescription Drug Destroying Your Health?

Here are Dr. Monte Kline’s comments on statin drugs:

One in four people over age 45 take this drug, making it America’s #1 prescription. We’re talking about statins taken for high cholesterol. The insane level of statin usage is the result of one of most successful and deceptive marketing campaigns ever. When I was first in practice in 1983, cholesterol was considered OK if it was below 240. Then it was lowered to 220. Today it’s not considered OK unless it’s below 200, or even 180 by many doctors. The LDL (low-density lipoprotein) level was considered OK before 2004 if it were 130 or less, but now it’s supposed to be below 100, or even below 70. So why do the guidelines keep lowering? The guidelines are set by the National Cholesterol Education Program. What they don’t tell you is that eight of the nine doctors on the panel lowering the LDL guidelines in 2004 were in the pay of drug companies manufacturing statins. Every time they lower the guidelines, millions more potential customers are added for their product. It is absolutely obscene. But it isn’t just about money. Statins can destroy your health in numerous ways:


1. Alzheimer’s Disease

2. Diabetes

3. Cancer

4. Cardiovascular Disease

5. Vitamin D Deficiency

6. Hormonal Deficiencies

7. Muscle Weakness

8. Increase Aging

9. Increased Arthritis

10. Depression

11. Increased Parkinson’s disease

12. Increased Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)

13. Decreased Immune Function

14. Teratogenesis (fetal malformations)


1. Understand Cholesterol if Not Your Enemy — Your body produces cholesterol because it needs it. Among other things, cholesterol is a repair material.

2. Don’t Get Conned into a “Low Cholesterol” Diet — 75% of the cholesterol in your body is produced in your liver, while only 25% comes from your diet. When you reduce dietary cholesterol, guess what your liver does? It makes more cholesterol to compensate.

3. Get Some Sunshine — Quit regarding the Sun as being out to kill you. Get a healthy amount of sunshine on your skin when possible (normally don’t exceed 20-30 minutes).

4. Use Natural Supplements to Lower Cholesterol — Several supplements can help with naturally lowering cholesterol and/or plaques without side-effects. High quality, mercury-free fish oils are very helpful (stay away from the big box store products that are typically contaminated with mercury), as are Policosinol, Resveratrol, Nattokinase, and others. Joy Note: I have had four friends successfully, significantly lower their cholesterol with quality supplements and wise choices in eating.

5. Exercise

More tips and details on each of these points can be read in the entire aritcle by Dr. Kline from the Pacific Health Center at this site:

Choices Matter!