Get out in the sun, don’t get out in the sun, get out in the sun, don’t get out in the sun…

Seems as if highest paid supermodel Gisele Bundchen “Infuriated Cancer Experts” when she called sunscreen “poison.”  She refuses to use sunscreen on herself or her family due to the chemicals in most of them; she also spoke out against baby infant formula full of sugar and often soy.

So is Gisele Bundchen Right?

Probably.  In the name of making another dollar – the big name companies make all kinds of harsh chemical compromises because those chemicals are less expensive, and if you think that if it is on the store shelf it is safe – you need to request my free ebook at:

Fortunately, balance fixes a lot of things.  We are learning the benefits of Vitamin D; learning that the sun is the best place to get that Vitamin D; learning that too much of any good thing causes problems, and that we can make healthier product choices – even in sunscreens.

Here is the entire article giving you the ins and outs of this sun and sunscreen and skin cancer issue at Dr. Mercola’s site:

And if you do read the article – share the information with my loves-to-lay-in-the-sun  husband, Greg, will you? Sigh.

Are you getting too much sleep?

From LOSING IT! With Jillian Michaels
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you sleep 10 hours a night, you might face some of the same hormonal risks as those who sleep too little. A recent Canadian study found that people who sleep fewer than seven hours or more than nine hours weigh an average of four more pounds (and had wider waists) than people who sleep eight hours every night. Researchers believe that having too much or too little sleep interferes with your ability to control your appetite, because it simultaneously increases hunger hormone ghrelin while it decreases satisfaction hormone leptin.

Want to be sure you are getting all the benefits of a good night sleep? Get your rest! Shoot for a consistent eight hours of sleep and stick with the same bed time and wake-up time each day — even on the weekends!