So how do you know if the supplements you’re taking are actually making a difference?

“Many studies have looked at the effect of vitamin and mineral supplements on disease, but the evidence has never been convincing.  So most experts have hedged on whether to recommend multivitamins for everyone.”…/Longwood_Sem…/Nutrition_3_5_13.pdf

“During the past 2 decades, a steady stream of high-quality studies evaluating dietary supplements has yielded predominantly disappointing results about potential health benefits, whereas evidence of harm has continued to accumulate.”…/jama/article-abstract/2565733

Comments from reports found on pages like these make people doubt the wisdom of spending money taking supplements. In 1997-2007, 14 thousand male physicians were tested finding no perceivable difference!

2013 brought a compilation of 198 studies showing no benefits and showing some harm more than good.However – 2014 and 2015, the prestigious Germany Freiburg University research associates and the Cincinnati Sterling Research Group documented major benefits beginning in one day (blood glucose, heart rate, blood pressure) and continuing to improve in those and other areas for many weeks with one supplement company. Inflammation and Free Radical protection are addressed in the combination.

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Not all supplements are created equal. Choose wisely.



Choices matter!