Goodbye Big Box Store

January 22, 2023 by joy
Recently, a friend posted these prices as FACTS:

A gallon of milk in 2019: $2.58
A gallon of milk in 2022: $4.28

A cup of coffee in 2019: $2.99
A cup of coffee in 2022: $4.90

Average per night hotel stay in South Florida in 2019: $157
Average per night hotel stay in South Florida in 2022: $324

And the list goes on and on.

Seems as if there are a lot of different figures, but the point is: prices are raising and families are feeling it.  This has caused people to make some really tough decisions and companies, too – forcing them to sacrifice ingredients just to maintain their bottom line.

Meanwhile – the shop club I found 31 years ago (and still encourage people to try) continues to maintain product integrity, superior quality, pro-USA made, combating inflation with minimal price increases. In fact for some products still had the late 80s early 90s prices.  Just a non greedy mindset.

Where you shop matters! Where your dollars go matters!

I’m big on supporting values that I can get behind –  including American made, Patriot owned, better quality and cleaner essentials for the family.

Consider the reasons why here:

Choices Matter!

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