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In Sinus challenges! (Part One) – I left you without saying what really changed my runny nose.  The things I did mention (more antioxidant, enough sleep, no sugar and white flour), I think were instrumental in my not dealing with any pollen allergies this Spring, but there are two more really important additions I wanted to […]

May 22, 2014

Sinus challenges!

During a six week period the spring of 2013, if you would have asked me what was wrong with me, I would have told you that I had Strep Throat and Bronchitis. Three doctors disagreed and said it was pollen allergies. My GP said that he has had several northerners move to Memphis Metro and evenly […]

Major symptoms of dehydration: thirst, dry skin, dark colored urine and fatigue. During most of August, fatigue like I have not felt in 20 years was a daily deal.  A friend of mine mentioned having the same, and shared how drinking more water fixed the problem.  Yep, in the name of busyness I was drinking less […]