Sinus challenges! Part Two

May 27, 2014 by joy

In Sinus challenges! (Part One) – I left you without saying what really changed my runny nose.  The things I did mention (more antioxidant, enough sleep, no sugar and white flour), I think were instrumental in my not dealing with any pollen allergies this Spring, but there are two more really important additions I wanted to share.

Since I did not have a comment box at the time of part one, most people responded to my asking about what was helping them combat allergies over on my Facebook page.  Let me share those with you as I received them: Zyrtec and other pills each morning, Neti Pot and Zyrtec, Melaleuca Activate, Mucinex, Melaleuca Provex Plus (that is the antioxidant I added), Benadryl and a decongestant, Melaleuca Oil under the nose at bedtime and couple times the day, and Flonase.  I love having people share remedies – so if you read this and have others, please post below.

My helpful additions: There was some talk that because I was in Costa Rica, when the dreadful pollen onslaught happened, that my body did not have a chance to build up a immunity to the pollen.That makes sense to me – it’s the idea behind vaccinations, right?  That got me to thinking – sure I was in Costa Rica that month, however, due to foot surgery the August before and then cooler weather, I had not walked in Memphis Metro pollen for over nine months!  If your body does need to get gradual exposure, well mine had none!  So I began walking outside again last June.  I wonder how many allergy sufferers are not outside on a regular basis except to go to and from work and errands?  I had more foot surgery this March, but I sat outside for a bit each day – pollen exposure and vitamin D.  I just sense that this is important.

And the runny nostril – that the ENT and Dermatologist had no clue about?

Enter: nasal rinse. 

Doesn’t it make sense that washing that pollen, dust, dirt, fungus, etc. out of the nostrils each day would be a great step to mellowing sinus problems?  If you can picture me having to plug my right nostril with tissue (ear plug did not work – yes, grin) in order to cook, do laundry, etc. – you will know how desperate I was.  That runny nostril went from 95% distraction and stress to less than 25% the first few days of nasal rinsing.

Not being a drug person, I was looking for some more natural solutions, and it starts with building your immune system.  So right now, My Sinus Help List looks like this:

  • Eat healthier: more fresh foods, almost no white flour or sugar.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise and make part of that outside so your body can build its resistance to the yuk that aggravates your sinuses.
  • Take a quality multi-mineral/vitamin supplement (they are not easy to find, don’t even look on a store shelf)  Get your vitamin D from a little sun each day – can you take your work break outside?
  • Add an antioxidant – grapeseed/grapeskin extract (like Melaleuca’s Provex Plus mentioned above) is a powerful help for allergies and a bunch of other things we are trying to prevent
  • Water!  I put lemon essential oil in mine – more antioxidants and cleansing.
  • Daily nasal rinse, especially during the spring and fall seasons.  I have not used a Neti Pot, but this bottle works great – warm, clean water, gentle squeeze – no discomfort:

Sinus Rinse

I also add (this is self doctoring) a drop of Melaleuca Oil for its germ/bacteria/anti-fungal killing properties.This essential oil comment reminds me that their are more helpful options that I am confident people should consider:

  •  Many people testify that quality essential oils like Lavender are their solution for sinus trouble.  Here is a trustworthy site: – look under Ailments.
  •  And read what these people have done in RmBarry’s Wellness Guide Tips Newsletter on the subject here.


Choices Matter!



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